Get started

Get started with Paylink in three steps.

  1. Order Paylink and get credentials in 1 – 2 business days
  2. Log in and go to settings (upper right corner)
  3. Enter the settings:
    1. Company. Enter company name, logo, email and other business details.
    2. Paytrail. Enter merchant credentials received from Paytrail and ensure that they are correct by clicking Check credentials.
    3. Orders. Choose settings related to orders, such as whether to include VAT in prices and the default VAT rate.
    4. Order statuses (optional). Group orders into different categories for easier management. For example, the statuses can be Pending and Completed.
    5. Receipts. Add additional information to receipts, such as delivery terms.
    6. Emails. Add additional information to payment requests and subscribe to receive a copy of payment requests in your email.

The service is ready to use once you have entered the settings.